Small Business Startup Sentiment is Steady, as Demographic Mix Shifts

By: Michael Alston for Franchise Insights

July 10, 2024 – Over 59% of aspiring business owners either agree or strongly agree that “now is a good time to start a business,” with optimism about conditions ahead. In the June 2024 survey,  over 82.7% of respondents see conditions for business and franchise startups “the same or better in three months. 

Of this month’s respondents, 50.6% of entrepreneurs planned their startups within the next three months, up slightly from 49.4% last month. Further, 6% of entrepreneurs surveyed say they are “more or much more likely to launch their startups than three months ago.” compiles monthly the Small Business Startup Sentiment Index™ (SSI) of individuals who have recently inquired about businesses for sale. The most recent Startup Sentiment Index™ survey was conducted June 20-30, 2024. 

Generation-X and Full-Time Workers Make up Record Shares of Respondents.

Additional highlights:

  • Future business conditions: Reversing a multi-year downtrend in sentiment about future business conditions, about 83% of respondents see conditions no worse – staying the same or getting better in three months– with 65.4% seeing conditions “about the same” as now, which they view as good. This month only 17.3% see conditions getting worse or much worse..
  • Access to funding: The percentage of entrepreneurs concerned about finding  adequate funding rose to 66.7%, and those who see funding “harder or much harder” to obtain in the next three months grew to 23.5% of respondents. But “political changes” again ranked third among concerns (as in May) and up from fifth in April.
  • Demographics: Of the survey respondents, a record  61.7% are currently employed full-time, topping the previous record of 58.6% seen in October 2021, and up from a four-year low of 36.9% for full-time workers just three months ago. Another 12.3% of respondents were current business owners seeking an additional or replacement business. Freelancers and consultants were 19.8%, followed by part-timers at 6.2%, whose share had been significantly higher since October 2023. The Gen-X cohort reached a record 63.9% of respondents, and Millennials were 18.1%. Baby Boomers slid to 13.9% in May, and Gen-Z were 4.2% of respondents.

It remains to be seen whether these record shares for Gen-X and full-time workers among franchise-seekers are a seasonal fluctuation, or a new trend based on changes in the economy and employment.

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Published on Tuesday, July 9th, 2024.

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