Business Startup Trends and Sentiment measures Small Business Startup Sentiment™ Trends data with monthly surveys of persons inquiring about franchises and business opportunities since January 2020. Below are a few highlights from each monthly report.

March Startup Sentiment Index™ Shows Aspiring Business Owners Increasingly Confident

Download the full April 7 Report Entrepreneurs who agree or strongly agree that “now is a good time to start a business” grew in March to 69.3% of respondents, the highest recorded since February 2020 before the pandemic became headline news. compiles monthly the Small Business Startup Sentiment Index™ (SSI) of individuals who have

February Startup Sentiment Index™ Shows Entrepreneurs Advancing Timelines

Over 60% Surveyed Intend to Start Within Three Months Download the full March 9 Report   In February, entrepreneurs expressing intent to start or buy “this month” rose to a record 31.2% of respondents, by far the highest on record, and indexing at 218% of January 2020. Startups planned for the “next 2-3 months” grew

January Startup Sentiment Index™ Confirms Midyear 2021 Startup Surge

Record 22% of Respondents Are Current Owners Seeking a Second Business Download the full February 3 Report  February 3, 2021 – Entrepreneurs expressing intent to start “four to six months out” rose to a record 25.6% of respondents, by far the highest on record, and indexing at 167% of January 2020.These are the highest levels

Entrepreneurs Ramp Up Enthusiasm for Spring Openings in November’s Startup Sentiment Index™

Download the full December 3 Report Release Dec. 3, 2020 – Forward-looking entrepreneurs are increasingly optimistic about 2021, with startups planned for “4-6 months out” reaching the highest levels ever recorded in the latest Small Business Startup Sentiment Index™ (SSI).  ‘Buoyed by positive vaccine news and easing uncertainty post-election, the Nov. 19-26 survey showed

September Startup Sentiment Index™ Shows Dramatic Increase in Startups Planned 3 Months Out

Pending Election Puts Immediate Startup Plans on Hold Updated 10:24 a.m., Thursday, Oct. 22, 2020 PRESS RELEASE: Additional highlights from full Sept. 2020 Small Business Startup Sentiment Index™ FULL REPORT: Download the full Sept. 2020 Small Business Startup Sentiment Index™ In a remarkable turnabout, future business owners planning to start “this month” plummeted, while startups

August’s Prospective Business Owners Display Highest Readiness Seen Yet in 2020

Has Business Buyers’ Pandemic Pessimism Peaked? Updated 12:24 p.m., Tuesday, Aug. 6, 2020 August 27, 2020 – In a strong sign of growing economic optimism amid the pandemic, responses collected August 20-26, 2020 for the Small Business Startup Sentiment Index™ revealed a new high point for buyer readiness in 2020. Over 23% of the

Franchise Interest in COVID-Impacted Categories Strengthens Again in June

July 16, 2020 – Investment interest from potential franchise buyers strengthened for the second month in a row in June, with rising prospects in several categories that were previously hard-hit by coronavirus concerns, such as Personal Care and Food franchises.  Many categories saw double-digital percentage gains over May in the number of prospects who contacted

Small Business Startup Sentiment Index™ (SSI) Shows Growing Readiness in May

May 28, 2020 – The highest percentage of aspiring franchisees plan to open a business within the next three months than at any time in 2020. Data collected May 23-27, 2020, for the Small Business Startup Sentiment Index™ show that 39.5% of aspiring owners are planning to start a business in the next three

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