‘Side Business Income’ Motivates Half of Potential Business Buyers

Owning a small business is not always a full-time venture – in fact, half of potential business buyers say that one of their motivations is owning a “side business for supplemental income.” That’s according to an ongoing survey of potential business buyers across the Franchise Ventures demand generation platform.

  • Side-business income closely follows “lifestyle rewards” as a secondary motivation, with 50% choosing “side business” as one of their multiple answers given.
  • A side business might mean a new career path in retirement, or might allow a  transitional time to build a new business. Or it might simply be a permanent supplement stream of income.
  • “Be my own boss” and “income potential” remain the primary motivations in the survey, appealing to more than three-quarters of respondents.

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Published on Thursday, December 12th, 2019.

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